Mab: Cleaning Mini-Robots

Designed by Adrian Perez Zapata, Mab is an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of mini-robots that will clean all surfaces. Mab offers users cleaning autonomy and the ability to enjoy leisure time without having to worry about the time-consuming cleanup and it runs on solar power after an initial charge.   Mab-cleaning-mini-robots-05 The Mab body has a spherical shape, and will be manufactured from ABS, a material which allows flow through molds, having low shrinkage and a high degree of dimensional stability. The Mab wheels are manufactured from vulcanized rubber to fit the Mab body. The rubber will have small areas on the surface protrusions that will allow for a better grip on the floor. The wings of the mini-robots are made of graphene for its lightness, electrical conductivity, and elasticity. The graphene would allow the robot to generate electricity when hit by light. MAB can be connected to devices and networks, such as home automation networks, computers, and cell phones, to report on their performance and problems or to receive commands.   Mab-cleaning-mini-robots-04 The range of colors used by Mab are elegant and neutral, and blend in with any home decor; Traffic white, Traffic black, and Capri blue.   Mab-cleaning-mini-robots-02 Currently being developed in the laboratory of Harvard Microrobotics, Mab will scan and clean up the house using the flight of the mini-robots. It will also identify different areas in the house in order to run custom cleanings.   Mab-cleaning-mini-robots-01   Video:

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