LUZPAC: A Bag That Charges Your Devices

There are options to charge your mobile without an outlet. Portable chargers may come in a variety of choices depending where you shop, or what is available in your area. The LUZPAC offers two functions of a charger and a bag! It’s not like a regular charger that needs to be charged before you leave your house. Now that’s simple. Furthermore, it has an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way of charging your phone through solar panels. Most people associate solar panels either for homes, or for industrial uses specific to certain locations. Using a portable charger is efficient definitely. But keeping it charged might be a hassle, and that one less electrical item to charge, hence the save in power. Also, it might run low too. Whereas using the LUZPAC just requires knowing the weather. If you know it’ll be a sunny day, as you’d probably dress accordingly for it beforehand, you don’t need to carry an extra item to charge your mobile or worry about its capacity to fully charge your mobile devices. Your new and one-of-a-kind bag, the LUZPAC, will charge your mobile for you! It comes in a variety of colours, so anyone can choose a LUZPAC to their preference. This bag is very light at 440 grams, and holds up 20kg of goods. It charges Apple and Android phones. The panels are flexible and are laminated to give a finished quality that is water-resistant as well. These panels come with a 2-year warranty. All you need to do to put the LUZPAC into good use is lay it out in the sun, and plug in your mobile devices. With the innovation of using bag with a dual function is product to clearly to enjoy. To learn more about this product and support go to their Kickstarter page.

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