LUPO: Find, Secure, And Control Your Bluetooth Gadgets

Lupo is a lost and found gadget that can find, secure, and control your Bluetooth gadgets via the Lupo App and Bluetooth 4.0. Created by the UK-based Team Lupo, the device is attachable to almost anything from bags to even keychains! lupo-bluetooth-gadget-3 With the device, users can set an anti-loss/anti-theft alert on Lupo and its attached object. This includes an audible and visible LED alarm that can notify the owner of the item’s location whenever it’s been touched or leaves a pre-defined range. lupo-bluetooth-gadget-2 Lupo can automatically lock all kinds of devices, like computers and tablets, when you step away, which helps prevent data theft. lupo-bluetooth-gadget-4 Team Lupo also wanted to revolutionize the concept of a controller, where users can alter the use of Lupo. With many new and different applications to come, Lupo can be utilized as a controller for smart devices to remotely take pictures, change presentation slides, and even as a wireless mouse. lupo-bluetooth-gadget-5 Video:

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