Luna Smartbed: A Better Night’s Sleep

The world’s first smart bed, Luna is designed with simplicity and function that will warm your bed and track your sleep at your finger tips. The self-learning smart bed will adjust to your temperature, and make every night’s sleep better. luna-smartbed-a-better-nights-sleep-01 Luna automatically adjusts its temperature for the best comfort, convenience, and security. Luna can also have different temperatures on each side of the bed, so you and your partner both can be comfortable. luna-smartbed-a-better-nights-sleep-02 The design of this technology lets you learn about your sleep without wearing anything to bed. Luna tracks your sleep, including sleeping phases, heart rate, and breathing rate through sensors embedded in the cover. The texture of this cover is smooth and extremely thin, so you won’t even remember it’s there. luna-smartbed-a-better-nights-sleep-03 Over time, Luna learns your sleeping behavior, and is designed to factor in your activities throughout the day. Its built-in smart alarm can wake you up at the right moment so you can wake up feeling refreshed. It does everything a smart alarm app does, but better. luna-smartbed-a-better-nights-sleep-05 Luna is made of five different layers in total that is sophisticated yet easy to disassemble. The fabric layers are made of 100% polyester, which are durable and easy to wash and dry. Wi-Fi technology is embedded in the cover with sleep, biometrics, and ambient light sensors. The data collected by the cover is transferred to a smartphone app, which then offers information to how well you’re sleeping at night. luna-smartbed-a-better-nights-sleep-04 Designed with simplicity on the outside and multi-functional technology inside, Luna aims a functional and aesthetically pleasing mattress.

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