Luna: Turn Any iPad Into A Second Wireless Display

The LUNA display is the seamless and easy integration tool to link your iPad to your desktop to create a wireless second monitor with impeccable image resolution. Created by ex-Apple engineers for creative professionals, Astro HQ’s Luna elevates the common technological interface experience to higher levels for even the simplest tasks like presentations and spreadsheets. LUNA is fully Apple compatible and acts as an extension to your Mac transposing touch interaction to your desktop visual. Additionally, your other Apple accessories, whether they be keyboards or smart pens, can be utilized alongside the iPad display. Astro’s goal is to bring you an easy integration tool to fully utilize all your different tech components. LUNA comes in two sizes that can connect to either the mini DisplayPort or the USB-C on your Mac and works in your already existing Wi-Fi connection. LUNA is powered by specially designed LIQUID technology to work wirelessly, however if it is unavailable, a USB is also a reliable alternative. ASTRO HQ’s Liquid technology provides clear image quality, reliable performance, and wireless flexibility. Excelling in giving you a lag-free performance of 60 frames per second and hand optimized ARM assembly to maximize battery life. Originally designed for their design software, Astropad, Liquid technology is now for everyone. Through downloading the app on the iPad, connecting is almost instantaneous and you’re able to work right away wherever you are. LUNA was created as a better solution to software apps that hack your graphics card, which often results in an unreliable picture. LUNA runs off the power of your graphics card ensuring you get the full benefits of its graphics acceleration. Inspired by the geometric shapes of crystals found in nature, LUNA possesses a unique shape to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the hand. It’s simplicity boosts a great minimalist approach to maximizing your technology’s capabilities. LUNA allows you to take productivity on the go, giving you the option to maximize your workload anywhere and any time. It’s compact and portable design flows effortlessly across channels to give you a working experience like nothing else. SaveSave

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