Lumigrids: LED Grids That Guide On Rough Roads

Lumigrids is a small LED projector device that can be attached on the handlebars of your bicycle, and can emit a variety of grid sizes. The device acts as a regular light as well, letting your presence be known to other road users. Lumigrids-LED-grids-that-guide-on-rough-roads-01 On a flat road, the LED grids would show standard squares but on a pothole or rough road, there would be irregularity and deformation in the grid, thereby warning the rider ahead of time of uneven road conditions. The normal setting on the device displays a 140mm x 180mm (5.5″ x 7.1″) grid. Lumigrids-LED-grids-that-guide-on-rough-roads-02 Lumigrids won the 2012 Red Dot Design Award. The designer team claims that unlike a normal bike light, Lumigrids casts no shadows and with the visible bends in the shape of the projected grid the rider can judge road conditions easily, and efficiently.

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