Lumière: Portable Lamp

Nine in 10 adults spend more than two hours on a digital device each day, leading to a 90 per cent chance of developing Digital Eye Strain, including blurred vision, fatigue and headaches. To combat this, a company based out of Sydney, Australia created Lumière: a wireless, smart, portable lamp that is stylish and, most importantly, prevents eyestrain. And, unlike other lamps, it produces varying levels of light without glares, UV or a blue light risk. lumiere-04 Whatever the task, lighting has an important effect on how we feel and our ability to perform. Too little light might make us tired and unable to focus, too much light creates glares and can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to set the mood or get work done, Lumière has three user settings and 18 brightness levels that stretch from 10 to 100 per cent. lumiere-01 Adding to its versatility, Lumière boasts a slim, bendable figure allowing you shape it any way you like, optimizing the position of lighting to suit your needs. With just one charge through the micro USB charging port, the lamp lasts for up to 40 hours! Take it to the park for some reading under a shady tree or carry it to the beach to set the mood. On full brightness, Lumière even acts as a powerful torch for nighttime adventures or camping trips. Lumière has a seven-step dimmer that remembers your light settings and dims or brightens with a slide of a finger. It also has 28 high-end LED lights that are guaranteed to last 50,000 hours. Leveraging 360-degree flexibility, adjustable brightness and a sleek, modern design, this portable lamp alleviates eyestrain and adds the perfect blend of functionality and style to your home, office, study or anywhere you go!

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