Lumbos: Revolutionary Rotating Snowboard Gear

After conquering snowboarding’s steep learning curve, one of the biggest challenges regular boarders report the sport poses to regulars is the amount of physical stress it can put on the body.   Pivoting and turning while bound to a board requires extreme torquing from the spine, hips, knees, and ankles, putting extreme pressure on these joints.  Avid skier, skateboarder, and surfer Thomas Lundbaek noted how restricting the bindings of a snowboard were when he tried the sport for the first time.  Unable to move his feet for better balance, control, and comfort like he was used to, Lundbaek sought to create a snowboard accessory that would allow for such motion.  Lumbos was the result, an innovative addition to the snowboard that allows for individual rotation of the feet, all while staying attached to the board. lumbos_04 (738x492) Lumbos is essentially a stainless steel disc that is easily installed with a single screwdriver between any existing board and its bindings.  Just three pounds in weight for a pair, and the width of a pencil, Lumbos is virtually unnoticeable in terms of flexibility and aesthetics. lumbos_05 (738x492) The free range of foot motion lets individual boarders develop their most comfortable stance when on the slopes.  When in motion, Lumbos is highly reactive; the smallest instinctive turn of the foot will be registered by the discs.  Having said that, the range and ease of movement isn’t oversensitive so as to create instability.  Simply planting one’s weight in the heels or toes will keep Lumbos from rotating.  Less pressure and torque force is put on the joints, and in unfortunate cases, injuries are less severe with the added motion.  Even when static, a boarder’s feet can rest in at more relaxed angle as opposed to being confined to a single position. lumbos_06 (738x494) An added bonus is that Lumbos is for life.  Not only is it made of a highly durable and resistant material, the discs are universally designed to fit any existing board, regardless of size. So in the midst of the snowboarding season, make for an easier, safer, and more comfortable ride by installing Lumbos; it will revolutionize snowboarding as you know it!

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