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LOYTO Watches has decided to make time more interesting with the L1 watch. With a more modern, perplexing design, LOYTO has taken the typical analogue watch and turned it into a functional piece of art. With a brilliant white or black backdrop, the watch has two arcs of different sizes on its face. The outer arc tells you the hour by filling the bar with black. The inner arc is more classic, using a hand to point out the minute. It may take some time to get used to, but once you start answering the question of “what time is it?” with the L1 watch, you’re sure to get some great conversation out of it. Watches are typically chosen because of their appearance rather than their functionality. Many tend to look alike, as there’s little a designer can do while still keeping the classic integrity of the watch. This is why the L1 watch is so brilliant — it’s new, exciting, minimalistic and functional all at once. The watch is water resistant with a simple leather strap that is sure to last a lifetime. Because of its simple design, it can be worn by anyone and isn’t overly feminine or masculine. If you’re interested in telling time in a new-age way, check out the L1 watch on LOYTO Watches here.  

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