Lovo Design Pop Art Speakers

If you love classy, unique designs, you’ll love Lovo. It’s a speaker system inspired by the design of a bullhorn, and offers crisp 360 degrees sound. It’s affordable, funky, and fits well with both modern and classic homes, making it an adaptable for every environment! Created and designed by Andre Fangueiro, Lovo is intended to bring back fun and creativity to speakers, as original speakers are often too serious-looking. Lovo was created as a form of expression through the shape of the bullhorn. Lovo-3 Lovo can be connected with most devices, making it easy to play your favourite tunes. As an added feature, Lovo has a microphone jack, allowing you to plug in a microphone to transform your home into a karaoke bar. Lovo-5 Connectivity is one of the most important features for speakers. To ensure that many audiences are able to enjoy the speakers, it’s essential that connecting your device is nice and simple. Lovo has made this possible, while designing the speakers in such a way that is one-of-a-kind. Lovo-7 Lovo comes in four bright colours: fado black, samba yellow, tango red, and groovy blue. It’s perfect for music lovers who want good quality speakers at an affordable price! Lovo was created specifically for people who want a unique design icon in their home that expresses their personality. Now, it’s also possible to have the best of both worlds: a crisp, 360 degrees sound experience and a fun, eye-popping design. Together, with these qualities, Lovo stands out from the competition. Lovo-9 The ability to express yourself through music has never been more relevant today. Bring fun and creativity back to life- and find joy in small things once more. To learn more about Lovo Design Speakers, visit their website.

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