Lovebox: Stay In Touch and In Their Heart

Long distance can be difficult, whether you’re trying to reach your significant other, family or friends. Lovebox aims to reinvent love in long distance relationships with their technology. Lovebox is a cube made of French beech wood that has the capability of receiving messages through its OLED screen inside. When a new message is received, the heart on the outside spins to notify you of your love note! It works by connecting your Lovebox to a power outlet and your home WiFi. Messages up to 168 characters are sent through the Lovebox app and are quickly delivered to the box itself. Receivers can even spin the heart on the outside to send a special surprise to the sender!
Lovebox’s inventor Jean came up with the idea when he was in Boston researching robotics, while his fiancée stayed in France. When he came back for a visit, he gave her the very first Lovebox and the idea quickly grew into a business. People wanted to gift these beautiful boxes to their significant others, kids, parents, and close friends. The signature red pixel heart may not be your style, so two other hearts are available for the exterior. The paper heart is perfect for those who still love letters, while the golden precious heart is a glam touch. No matter how it looks, Lovebox is a great gift idea for that special someone in your life. People often forget how impactful a simple gesture is. A personal message can really make someone’s day, and young kids also love receiving the pre-designed stickers as well. It’s time to reinvent love and show the ones you love you care, even from a distance. If you’re looking to share the love with someone close to you, check out Lovebox at their website!

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