LoopPay: A Digital Wallet That Works Anywhere

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line at the coffee shop and ordering your dark roast double double only to realize you left your wallet at home. Keys? Check. Phone? Of course. But your wallet is sitting on the stairs, and the cashier is staring at you impatiently. It’s more than a little embarrassing to retract your order or hope some kind soul will take pity on you and pay for your coffee, but it’s okay, because with your phone and the invention of LoopPay, your momentary embarrassment is forgotten with Will Graylin and George Wallner’s digital wallet. LoopPay-a-digital-wallet-03 The LoopPay is a small digital wallet that can be kept on a fob ring on your keys or attached in a carrying case on the back of your phone. After downloading the LoopPay app on your iPhone or most Android phones, the digital wallet is nearly ready to use. Connecting the LoopPay to the phone via the audio jack, the box and app sync and allows you to swipe any card – debit, credit, loyalty, and even gift cards – through its card reader and stores that information onto both the app and the digital wallet. However, it’s not the app that’s used to pay. The small digital box transmits Magnetic Secure Transmission technology which essentially simulates a card being swiped through a card reader. Press the button on the LoopPay to pay with the selected default card or select which debit, credit, loyalty or gift card to use on your app, and hover your digital wallet by the card reader. Your transaction will process seamlessly. LoopPay-a-digital-wallet-05 The big question about technology this advanced is an obvious one. How secure is it? LoopPay is an encrypted device that locks away all data information with passwords and PINs. Each LoopPay device is linked with a single account holder so card names inconsistent with account holders will not be stored within the digital wallet, an added bonus should either the device or phone go missing. Graylin and Wallner’s digital wallet is sweeping the nations; it’s accepted in over 90% of merchant locations. Leave the wallet at home and have LoopPay by your side.

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