Loopita Bonita: Fancy Double Lounger

The Loopita Bonita is a fancy double lounger that resembles a roller coaster. Perfect for relaxing summer days, this luxurious piece of furniture can seat two people comfortably. Loopita-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-02 Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman designed the chair with inspiration from daily life in Mexico City. Depending on where you sit, the chair can either be used for sunbathing or reading in the shade. Loopita-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-01 This stylish lounger is suitable for couples or friends who want to enjoy and relax sitting right next to each other. Ample seating space, and comfortable white cushions added from the inside provide not only the best seating but make the design classify as arty and functional. Loopit-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-03 Depending on the placement of the lounge chair, you can actually block out the direct sunlight, if so desired and stay in the shade all well protected if the sun is too bright. Loopit-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-04 The outer body is made of wood and has an appealing natural look. The loopy twists are shaped like a conch shell and are perfect to relax in the sun or shade by the beach or pool. Loopit-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-05 Just the loungers for those lazy warm sunny days, the Loopita Bonita can be added to any place outdoors, be it your terrace, balcony, courtyard, garden, or wherever else you want. Loopit-Bonita-Fancy-Double-Lounger-06 Video

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