When it comes to interior design, there is always room for experimentation. The simplest idea can make all the difference in making you feel a certain way about a room. London designer, Michael Anastassiades sought to capture originality and beauty through a minimalist aesthetic in his Bespoke Loop Collection. Debuted at Design Miami, a gallery held in late 2016, Anastassiades created the Looping Lamps.

The lamp structure is made from brass, and coloured with a shade of green. This project marks the first time that Anastassiades has used colour in any of his work. As such, Anastassiades meticulously chose this colour from amidst fifty different shades. He decided upon a verdigris hue because he was inspired by both historical and contemporary sources. Verdigris is the result of oxidation of copper or brass. With this choice in colour, the lamp ends up giving off the appeal and beauty of an important old building; like the Statue of Liberty or the roof of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. The bulbs are spherical and placed within the looping frame. This shape appears soft and warms the room it glows within. Overall, the Looping Lamps give off a unique atmosphere. Modern meets classic in this imaginative use of colour and shape.

Looking like nothing you have seen, Looping Lamps are something to behold. Even after seeing them for the thousandth time, they will elicit a response, as it most certainly will from your guests. Never underappreciate your décor again. With this lighting fixture, you can have a sculpture or piece of decorative art. Many conversations can start from your interesting and inspired choice in design. That being said, Looping Lamps are still very functional. Hav a look at Anastassiades’ collections of other home interior furniture and liven up your home or office with simple elegance.

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