Logitech K310: Easy Wash Keyboard

If you’re interested in an ever-fresh and new-look washable keyboard, then the Logitech K310 is just the answer for you. Designed not only to always look new but also function as new, even after a long period of use, it’s especially ideal for those who like to keep their desks organized and their accessories perfectly clean. Logitech-Easy-Wash-Keyboard-01 It’s meant for comfortable typing with the all familiar function keys and number pad. This piece is unique and contemporary and easily suitable to dust and soak. Logitech-Easy-Wash-Keyboard-02 The device features drainage holes, making it not only easy to wash and clean but also easy to dry as well. The design is simple, workable and highly useful. Logitech-Easy-Wash-Keyboard-03 The laser printed key characters are more than tough, sturdy, and UV coated (ultra durable) to protect from fading after number of washes. You can spill any drink, and no worries, as you can easily wash it off. Logitech-Easy-Wash-Keyboard-04 It is Recommended that you use hand wash with mild soap and a soft cloth in lukewarm water to keep this product fresh and clean. As it is not a dishwasher safe device, avoid using harsh detergents and abrasives or submerging the USB cable. Follow the easy washing instruction guidelines and you will be all set to wash and use your new toy. Logitech-Easy-Wash-Keyboard-05 Video:

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