LMcable: 1st IOS & Android Common Connector

The LMcable sets out to make the act of plugging your devices in at the end of the day a much easier routine. With the perpetual use of so many handheld devices, keeping wires organized and accessible when your phone or tablet loses life can be tedious. But what if you had one cord to charge every portable device you could own? That’s the LMcable, the first IOS and Android common connector. LMcable 06 resize The LMcable is a USB charger cord for smartphones and other portable devices, but what makes this cord unique is its compatibility with both Android and Apple devices. The connector piece on the tip of the wire can support Android devices on one side and IOS devices on the other. LMcable 02 LMcable 03 Ever since Apple changed the connector piece on their charger cables, those of us who own devices with both micro USB and Apple’s lightning connector have needed to fumble through our jungle of wires to find the right cable for the right device. With the LMcable, switching between micro USB to lightning devices is as easy as turning over the wire. LMcable 08 The LMcable boasts tin-plated copper wires for 10 times the durability of regular wires. LMcables are designed with a stylish leather cover, not just for the aesthetic but also the better reinforcement so the wires are stronger and tangle-free. The charger supports both fast data transfer and 2.4A fast charging. The cords are also made from halogen-free TPE opposed to regular PVC so the wires are environmentally friendly as well. LMcable 05 Another clever addition to the LMcable is its brass buckle so the wires cords can be wrapped up easily. No more loose wires dangling in your backpack or twisting on the floor. LMcable 04 To keep up-to-date with LMcable’s progress visit their kickstarter page here or their Twitter here and Facebook page here.

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