LIX: 3D Printing Pen

LIX is the smallest 3D printing pen that enables you to actually write and doodle in the air. Its a perfect combination of design and technology. lix-3d-printing-pen-10 Unlike other similar products, LIX put a great amount of focus on the aesthetic design and portability of the device. The pen is machined from aluminium, resulting in a durable and surprisingly lightweight and professional looking end product. lix-3d-printing-pen-04 The 3D printing device works by feeding ABS/PLA grade plastic through the pen’s patented heating and cooling system, allowing you to create rigid freestanding structures and designs right before your eyes. The ultra-fine pen tip allows the user great control over fine details. lix-3d-printing-pen-01 Getting the 3D printing pen ready for use is simple and straightforward. Its as easy as plugging in the pen to any standard USB 3.0 port, adding the coloured plastic filament, and waiting 60 seconds for the pen to heat up. Then you’re ready to create your masterpieces. lix-3d-printing-pen-05 The LIX 3D printing pen doesn’t use any “off the rack” parts in its production, instead focusing on creating their own internal mechanisms that fit the sleek design and their overall vision. The pen could be a useful and fun tool for professional and amateurs alike. Video:

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