Livi: Any Surface Vertical Vase

Say hello to Livi, a cute planter that will redefine the way you experience indoor planting. Visually, it looks like a creature stuck to a vertical surface, which is what Livi actually does. Livi has micro-suction palms that allows it to attach itself on windows. This removes the issue of finding the perfect spot in your house for your greeneries and finding a surface to put it afterwards. Livi-02 The micro-suction the team uses for Livi is a nanotechnology developed in Japan, which allows Livi to stick and detach to surfaces repeatedly. This nanotechnology material was tested for a year. With proper cleaning and care, the functionality should last more than that. Livi will stick to smooth, even, and dry places, but it won’t do well in wet and humid environments. So bathrooms and saunas are a no no for this mini creature. Livi-03 Although Livi is only 17.5 cubic inches tall, and can hold up to 10 ounces of greeneries, don’t let its size determine its worth. This compact creature comes in soothing colours like serenity blue, rose, aqua, orange, sunflower, lavender, and lime, making Livi a bright addition to any room. Livi-06 You can either fill Livi with soil and plant directly or place a pot in it. Whichever method you prefer, Livi is a cute and colourful product that requires no assembly and is portable to bring around – and it honestly can’t wait to liven up the atmosphere.

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