Little Star: World’s 1st Digital Art Furniture

Have you ever found yourself staring rather intently at the repetitive yet mesmerizing animation of a screensaver?  Digital art is certainly beautiful, if not somewhat disconnected from reality.  Sit On Cloud Founder Hou Liang sought to bridge the apparent gap between the digital world and the real world with his designs.  The studio’s third creation, Little Star combines light projection technology with a modern, hollowed furniture design to make for a digital art table. little_star_04 Like all of Sit On Cloud’s prodcuts, Little Star draws inspiration from the ethereality of clouds.  Its curved body and expanding step-like ridged texture invites people to relax and feel comfortable around the piece.  The transparent glass top also contributes to the cloud-like aesthetic, making objects appear as if they are floating above the table base. little_star_02 The digital art portion of the product comes in the form of an impressively tall LED lamp projector that shines various lighting patterns onto the table, mimicking visuals such as a celestial galaxy.  Users can, of course, choose the colours that are projected to fit their situation, whether it be a lively party or romantic night. little_star_05 The set also comes with a matching stool with the same ridged texture as the star-shaped table. Certain to spruce up any space, Little Star will surely fascinate just about anyone by bringing the beauty of digital art to tangible life. little_star_01

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