LiquiGlide: Non-Stick Bottle Coating

We suppose that if we see a bottle of condiment, we should be able to use it right away, correct? Rather, we have to violently shake the bottle, wait for the unappealing globs of ketchup or mayonnaise to make its way to our plate. Not exactly the most appetizing or elegant experience, but the problem goes deeper than just the inconvenience. liquiglide-2 Billions of dollars are estimated to go waste from the difficulty of getting condiments out of its packaging. This is why what MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith and his team of mechanical engineers invented could be a game changer in the bottling industry. LiquiGlide, a product born out of the lab, is a super slippery bottle coating that is said to have both the qualities of a liquid and a solid. liquiglide On of the major problems that the research team faced during development was making sure that their formula was FDA approved and food safe. As a result, they had a very limited amount of materials to choose from. Eventually, their work came to fruition and a formula that met these requirements was created. liquiglide-3 LiquiGlide could also be useful in several other industries. In the medical industry, it could help prevent potential clogging, while in the aviation industry, it would be great for getting ice off the wings. liquiglide-4 The research team has tasted success for their product. They’ve won second place in the MIT $100k Entrepreneurship Competition, and also took home the audience-choice award. Now, they are reaching out to bottling companies to market LiquiGlide. If the product could gain success with the big boys in consumer packaged products such as Heinz, Vaseline, and Elmer’s, we will be certain to see LiquiGlide in our homes. Video:

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