Liquid Image: Waterproof Video Camera Goggle

The company Liquid Image has released various cameras for waterproof video capture, bringing filming capabilities underwater. This innovation comes from a hands-free approach of attaching the camera to a pair of goggles, allowing you to snorkel and swim mores safely and conveniently. Liquid_Image_Camera_Goggle_4 Their first waterproof video camera goggle, known as ’The Video Mask’, boasts 5.0 megapixel-capturing capabilities and a 65ft depth rating. Liquid Image is slated to release two additional styles with better capturing rates for users looking to film high quality films. Liquid_Image_Camera_Goggle_2 The Explorer will come in bright yellow and be able to capture moments with an 8.0 megapixel lens. Users can rest assured that diving into depths of 15ft (5m) will still keep the camera goggles functioning! Liquid_Image_Camera_Goggle_3 The Hydra boasts HD (720p) quality filming and can take still images with its 12.0 megapixel lenses. Additionally the mask can dive to depths of up to 130 ft (40m) to let you truly follow that school of colourful fish! Liquid_Image_Camera_Goggle_6 Now you don’t have to worry about missing a moment whether it’s on land or in the ocean with a Liquid Image waterproof camera goggle. See what nature can offer and make sure to bring external memory and batteries for endless fun and underwater capturing! Liquid_Image_Camera_Goggle_5 Video:

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