Link: A Multifunctional and Stylish Modular Room Divider

Link is a modular room divider that controls both lighting and acoustics. It’s an innovative design that is both practical and decorative. Produced by FitzFelt, the concept is based on a simple hexagonal shape that can be easily linked together by utilizing a tab and slot method. This customizable system comes in 63 different colours, and it’s transparency can be controlled on a scale of 0 to 80%, giving lots of options for the look and feel of your room divider. link-05 The beauty of Link lies in the simplicity of its foundation – a hexagon. This makes the design functional whether the space is large or small, bright or dim.   link-04 Due to the availability of aesthetic options, Link can accommodate different interior styles. The potential for abstract design and pattern allows this product to transcend the average room divider, thus becoming a functional work of art.   link-02 Link’s appeal is reminiscent of a classical stained glass window. In fact, its concept was inspired by the negative space created by tree canopies. The design’s uniform materials and simplicity takes this natural idea and gives it a modern twist. This modular room divider is a refreshing option to consider when seeking to stylishly control space and light. To read more about Link, or are interested in purchasing this product, you can find out more at FilzFelt’s website.   link-01

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