Linea: The Minimalist Organizer

Often times we make it a goal or a well based intention to become more organized in our lives. However, finding the right furniture pieces to do that can be difficult; for they often can be too bulky, out of place, extremely expensive, and they might require intensive labour in placement. Linea is the opposite of all those things. It is a smooth, chic, and stylish minimalist organizer that can be added to any home space to help you organize your life while showcasing a great design. Linea-1 Linea is designed by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez, who is a Madrid based designer, that came up with the concept of a design piece with purpose. The structure itself is produced using iron rods, which are then shaped in various directions. The rods are cut, welded, bent and painted in the manufacturing process all to create a simple and elegant design that is functional. Linea-2 This design is very unique and creative, and it allows the user to find various functions from this furniture piece. Sections of the design allow for flat objects such as books or magazines, and it can even be used in the bathroom as a towel rack. Linea-3 It can also function as a cute coffee table for your office giving space to add other important office memos or documents. The structure itself has layered space that includes: two racks, and an overhead arch to which you can fold over a towel, hang an art piece, or even mark a page on a book in process. The functionality of Linea is up to you. Linea-4 Linea allows you to organize your space in a chic, black coating as it stands out in a clean and simple way. Use Linea in your office, in your bathroom, in your living room, almost any space of your choosing and organize your products with style. Linea-5 For more information about Linea, check out

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