Limitless: Shock-Proof iPhone Case

We’ve all been there before. Broken phones and cracked screens are a part of our daily lives in an age where technology becomes more and more prominent. We’ve reached a point where we’ve become so attached to our phones that we can’t stand to live a day without them. This is exactly why you should ensure the safety of your iPhone with Mous Limited iPhone Case- Airo Shock Protection! Mous-3 Limitless cases use Airo Shock technology to easily absorb tremendous impact while maintaining a slim, pleasing design. This case is minimalistic, sleek and engineered to withstand great damage. Mous-4 Due to unique micro air pockets within the phone case, iPhones were able to survive a 45-foot drop without a scratch! The air inside the pockets act as tiny springs, canceling out some of the impact from a bad fall. This, along with Limitless’ cushioning material ensures that your phone returns to you safely. Mous-6 Protect your phone’s screen with the case’s raised front lip outlining the entire screen. If you drop your phone face-first, the screen is less likely to suffer the full impact. Mous-8 Discover your own sense of style with a variety of designs and premium materials! Limitless cases strive to maintain a neutral, sophisticated flair while still managing to stand out in any setting. Choose from kevlar, black leather, walnut, bamboo, black marble, and white marble. Each design allows for easy access to the iPhone’s headphone jack and charging port. Mous-8 Limitless is an incredibly thin and convenient case. Its slim design adds only 2mm to the thickness of your iPhone, and weighs just 42 grams. mous-10 Limitless has been tested to make sure all of the iPhone’s functions work properly within the case. Features such as phone calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, compass, and Apple Play all function without a problem. To learn more about Limitless, view the video below!

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