LIMINAL: Minimal Lamp

Design and style are always subjective. Specifically, household furniture and decor selection is dependent on space and personal taste. Personal taste takes precedence once space is determined. If one sees two sofas at the same price and if these sofas take the same dimensions in space but are different in style, then preference of the “better” is chosen. What is the better one? It comes down to opinion. However, functionality can be accounted for too, when there is a need that has to be taken care of unlike before. The LIMINAL lamp certainly exudes high functionality. The LIMINAL lamp offers improvisation for an area needing to be well-lit and it does it with style. liminal-1 LIMINAL is a lamp shaped in straight line. It has hinges that enable it to bend, also referred to as its kinetic joints, making it adjustable to any shape. How exceptional is it when a lamp can be made into different shapes? Up straight, on an angle, as a triangle, in a square, one part hidden the other part shown. It is an object that can be experimented stylistically giving it a sleek and innovative presentation. You can place this anywhere that needs extra light, and that includes the outdoors too. liminal-2 LIMINAL is made out of stainless steel and aluminum, and some parts are hand-crafted to give the lamp its adjustability. In general, when you know craftsmanship is involved in manufacturing, it has a superb quality to it. Furthermore, it can illuminate light from a three scenario switch to adapt to its style taken. So light will shine where you need it to. To find out more information about the making of this product, watch the video below. The LIMINAL’s characteristics are quite outstanding and with a look that comes from a straight line, it is definitely furniture that we can all benefit from. The LIMINAL lamp still needs support and can be done so on Kickstarter.

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