LiliLite: The Ultimate Bedside Lamp

What’s your favourite book genre? Mystery? Romance? Fantasy? Do you prefer poetry? History books? Cookbooks? All of the above? Whichever genre it is, LiliLite wants you to enjoy the days and nights you spend reading all of your favourites! LiliLite is a bookshelf, a reading light, and a bookmark all in one. lililite-02 Created by Thijs Smeets, a renowned Dutch product designer, and Liedewij, his book-loving girlfriend, this multifunctional and unique product is perfect for every reader. This bedside lamp is a bookshelf, a reading light, and a bookmark all in one. The bookshelf holds your books and your iPad, Tablet, Kindle, or any other eReader. lililite-03 LiliLite has a built-in book sensor. When you take a book off of the bookmark space, the light automatically turns on. When you place the book back on the bookmark space, the light turns off. It’s easy. lililite-04 LiliLite is lit with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and it gives you the option to manually turn the light switch on and off, even when you’re not reading. Another awesome thing about LiliLite is its ability to be flipped by easily mirroring the mounting. There’s nothing to worry about; LiliLite comes with a set of easy-to-follow instructions, just in case you need a tip or two! lililite-05 This single piece of steam pressed plywood is finished with American oak veneer. It is finished beautifully and secured, making it look good and last forever. The only time you’ll find yourself buying another one is when you add an overflowing amount of books to your collection. lililite-05 LiliLite’s design is multifunctional, convenient, and extremely unique– there’s nothing like it! This high quality shelf is cool, all while maintaining simple– perfect for any room, any reader, anywhere. lililite-06 With everything you need within arm’s reach of the comfiest spot in your home, you’ll be spending more time reading your favourite books­! lililite-06 Have a good night with LiliLite. Click here to learn more about LiliLite!   

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