LILA: Bluetooth Smart Home Security

LILA is a bluetooth smart home security sensor which helps you makes sure that all of your doors and windows are safely locked before you exit your home by sending you a status notification to your paired-up smartphone. lila-bluetooth-smart-home-security-02 Each sensor is made up of two parts which overlap when the door or window you want to secure is closed. When the two pieces of the sensor are aligned, the system ‘knows’ that the opening is indeed closed and will then proceed to notify you of the status whenever you attempt to leave the premises of your home. lila-bluetooth-smart-home-security-03 Working off of a bluetooth network, the device uses very little electricity, so much so that each sensor is claimed to have a typical battery life of over 1 year. At the same time, the system avoids the typical drawbacks of bluetooth’s relatively short range limit. The sensors installed in your home will act as a mesh network, thereby extending the range of the bluetooth connection beyond the limits of a single unit’s range. lila-bluetooth-smart-home-security-04 For those more experimental souls out there, the company is suggesting that the sensors can be used to secure things other than your home’s doors and windows. As such, the devices are encouraged to be tried as gatekeepers to your pets’ doors, and could even be affixed to drawers and fridges, in case you’d like to keep track of midnight snackers. lila-bluetooth-smart-home-security-05 Video:

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