LIFX: WiFi Enabled Smart Bulb

Completely reinvented, the LIFX WiFi Enabled Smart Bulb is an energy efficient LED lightbulb that’s controlled with a smartphone through a downloadable free app from Google Play or the App Store. lifx_wifi_enabled_bulb_5 With 16 million colours, the lightbulb can change at a moment’s notice to fit the ambience of the space. Users can change the light to change the mood, whether it’s to start a day energized with bright, warm colours or to relax in a calm environment with soothing, cool colours. lifx_wifi_enabled_bulb_4 The bulbs are easy to install and last for 27 years at 4 hours of use per day — or 40,000 hours in total. Expect to use these bulbs for a long time to continually enjoy constantly changing colours and impressive decor innovation! lifx_wifi_enabled_bulb_2 More importantly, they’re installed just like your regular existing bulbs and won’t need special electricians or controls beyond your smartphone! This allows for immediate use and a fun interactive time with lights! lifx_wifi_enabled_bulb_1 The bulbs come in three different sockets; Edison Screw, Bayonet and Downlight. This ensures locations like commercial, retail and hospitality installations can utilize the bulbs. Whether it’s in a restaurant to create a romantic mood or retail stores for energetic and uplifting atmospheres, the LIFX is versatile and perfect for many locations beyond the home. lifx_wifi_enabled_bulb_6 Video:

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