Lift And Go: Carry Your MacBook

Ever wanted a laptop stand, case, and bag all in one? LIFT is a stylish yet protective carrier case specifically designed for MacBooks. It’s a slim, case with an innovative, yet minimalistic design that preserves Apple’s signature style. lift-4 LIFT offers a variety of features for your MacBook, making it that much easier to work and go. lift-6 Live your life hastle-free! When you’re ready to leave, simply close your MacBook and go. There are no zippers, buckles or buttons to worry about. Show off your MacBook in style with a clean, yet appealing design to its frame. LIFT is engineered to be light, durable and fit for daily usage. lift-6 LIFT is ideal for working on the go, with its adjustable screen height. To get the typing angle or height that is optimal for your working space, slide the top handle of the LIFT and open the MacBook. LIFT helps people of all sizes in all environments work as comfortably as possible. lift-8 Worried about overheating your laptop? Have no fear! During high-performance tasks, MacBooks can suffer from heat damage if too much heat builds up. With slight adjustments, your MacBook can stay cool by allowing air to circulate through the bottom of your laptop. lift-10 To cut down on clutter, LIFT gives you the option of hanging your MacBook on the wall. Its simple design contributes quietly to the atmosphere of your room, without being overbearing. lift-12 To protect your MacBook from any bumps or bangs, the LIFT frame is made of aluminum, and fitted with a carrying handle. The cover will shield your laptop from any scratches, while managing to be sleek and stylish at the same time. LIFT also comes in a variety of colours to match each user preference. It’s a small personalized touch that allows you to express your own artistic fashion. lift-12 Protect your ports from dust damage with an easy-to-use slide cover attached to your case. lift-14 With it’s functional, original, and inventive approach, LIFT will revolutionize the way you work. As an adaptable asset to your everyday work life, LIFT is a must-have for all MacBook users. For more on LIFT, see the video below! LIFT is currently campaigning on Kickstarter.

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