The LIFT: Cargo Bike

Getting around the city on your bicycle is increasingly popular and convenient, especially in the warmer months. However, it can quickly turn into a daunting task when transporting goods or other materials. That’s why the LIFT turns your regular bicycle into a cargo bike. Lift-1 Not familiar with the wonders of a cargo bike? Well that is subject to change. Typical front loading cargo bikes can be expensive but the LIFT is a detachable cargo section that can be used on your already existing bicycle. This new twist on a classic cargo bike saves money, storage and is multi-purposed instead of single-purposed, meaning once you are finished transporting whatever you need, the front cargo section can be removed. Lift-3 When the LIFT is attached, you can carry as much as you would in a small car and it is also a quick and easy way to take your kids to school or maybe take your pet to the park. The LIFT can be attached or detached in under a minute, making it easy and convenient for your adventures. Your bike is still your bike, however it will now handle differently due to the attached weight and wheelbase but this doesn’t change the experience. Lift-2 With a front wheel base very similar to that of a wooden wheelbarrow or trolley, the LIFT has three easy connection points with your bicycle. Therefore connecting your bike over time will become quick and easy. Lift-5 The LIFT also has special features to its design, including a 4-ply thorn resistant tire, an extra wide kickstand, a TIG welded steel frame to ensure durability and absorb shock. The most important part of your LIFT is the cargo box, made using Baltic Birch plywood that’s UV protected and also the perfectly sized box to ensure a variety of uses. Lift-4 The primary goal of the makers behind LIFT is to provide an affordable product while adding flexibility and comfort to your routine. For more information on this produce check out their Kickstarter page and start your adventures today.

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