Life Tips of the Week #99

#99-A: Reuse old bottles as watering globes to keep your plants watered. (via DIY Vintage Chic) life-tips-of-the-week-99A-01a #99-B: Don’t put away old magnetic letters when your kids grow up. Turn them into elegant fridge magnets by spraying them with metallic gold spray paint and after it dries, spray twice with primer to avoid the gold coat to smudge. (via Inspired by Charm) life-tips-of-the-week-99B-01a #99-C: Make a stylish vase from a glass bottle with spray paint. Make sure to remove the labels to give the bottle a neat look. Spray paint inside the glass and flip the bottle upside down to give it an ombr√© look. (via The Crafted Life) life-tips-of-the-week-99C-01a

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