Life Tips of the Week #80

#80-A: Easily remove labels with OxiClean. Simply soak your labeled items in warm water with a scoop of OxiClean for 30 minutes and the labels will magically float off! (via Busy Budgeter) life-tips-of-the-week-80A-01a #80-B: Create your own fly trap with a 1.5L soda bottlle. Cut in half and put any food that rots easy in the lower half then put the upper half upside down. (via The Healthy Home Economist) life-tips-of-the-week-80B-01a #80-C: Decorate old mason jars with autumn leaves. Choose malleable leaves so they can bend and rub mod podge outside the jar. When the mod podge dries, hold the leaves until they stick. Repeat until you have reached your desired amount of leaves. (via Spark and Chemistry) life-tips-of-the-week-80C-01a

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