Life Tips of the Week #68

#68-A: Make your own fire pit or garden incinerator with your broken washing machine’s stainless steel drum and scrap metals. Just face the steel drum up and use other scrap metals as a stand. (via Instructables) life-tips-of-the-week-68A-01a #68-B: Get the most out of your mango by making sure you eat every edible part of it. Separate the skin by sliding the fruit inside a glass or mug, press down to start separating and discard the skin. (via YouTube) #68-C: Make your collared shirt even more stylish. Pour boiling water on old and old CD or two and leave for 1-2 minutes. Let the CD cool then separate the reflective side from the design. Cut CD into pieces and glue on the collar the way you like it. (via Aetienne) life-tips-of-the-week-68C-01a

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