Life Tips of the Week #100

#100-A: Place beads in a cake pan or ceramic dishes and align them according to what design you want. Melt until you reach your desired flatness (the longer, the flatter) and remove from the pan to cool. After it cools off, gently flip the pan to release the piece from the pan. You can drill a hole on the top or lean in against a shelf. You can also use a liquid leading to add more design. (via Craftster) life-tips-of-the-week-100A-01a #100-B: Crumple a piece of foil to remove baked-on crud from your glass cookware. This crumpled foil is just like a steel wool but much easier on your hands. (via Huffington Post) life-tips-of-the-week-100B-01a #100-C: You can have your indoor tulip displayed by filling 1/3 of the clear container with marbles or decorative rocks then set the tulip bulbs on them and make sure they are pointing up. Add a little more marbles to support the bulb. Lastly, pour fresh water but make sure it doesn’t touch the bulb but needs to be very close that the roots will grow in. (via Pinterest) life-tips-of-the-week-100C-01a

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