The Lie Chair – Transforming Chair

Andrei Pop is a self proclaimed “geeky, Transylvanian licensed designer” who lives in Germany. He is interested in the idea that things are really not as they first appear and his visually stunning Lie Chair adheres to this concept. the-lie-chair-transforming-chair-03 The Lie Chair can transform for a variety of uses. When folded up in the shape of a box, the Lie Chair can be used as a stool or a storage box, with the “X” shape inside the stool acting as dividers and shelves, so common items can be stored inside. The Lie Chair can also be folded out to be used as a table. The inside of the table legs can be used for storage too. Because of the Lie Chair’s functionality, it maximizes space in small living places. the-lie-chair-transforming-chair-02 Quality separates the Lie Chair from other functional chairs, in that the entire piece is made from solid waxed Silver Fir wood. The wood makes the chair durable but, as a moderately soft wood, also soft and polished. Each chair is handmade which makes each Lie Chair slightly distinguished from the next one, making each piece a unique possession. The Lie Chair can also serve as an installation for the home, rather than just a piece of furniture. the-lie-chair-transforming-chair-04 With its neutral tones, Andrei Pop has designed the Lie Chair to compliment any type of room. The Lie Chair is a reminder of the beauty and artistry of the carpenter’s aesthetic -handmade functionality could not be simpler.

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