Leveraxe: Redesigned Axe

There are few images more Canadian than that of the hearty lumberjack setting out into the wilderness and splitting logs with a single strike, but the truth is that traditional axes are simply ill-designed. They require pure force and pinpoint accuracy, otherwise the wedge blade can glance and seriously injure you. Leveraxe-03 After 20 years labouring away with the same unscientific design, Heikki Kärnä set out to reinvent a tool as old as the wheel. With the Leveraxe, Kärnä and his team at VIPUKIRVES have made chopping wood so safe and easy, a child could do it. By moving the blade to the side of the axe and shifting the centre of gravity, the Leveraxe catches on the head of the log and uses its sharp edge to leverage the downward force with a rotational action. Leveraxe-04 This method multiplies the force used and has the added effect of preventing the blade from glancing or cutting through the log completely, which means that the only way to hurt yourself with it is if you miss the log entirely. In fact, the Leveraxe removes the need to cut down middle, so now you can whittle a large log into manageable pieces and hit off-centre safely. Leveraxe-05 The Leveraxe’s handle is made of natural Finnish birch and treated with wax to last longer and make the rotational action easier on your hands. Because of the unconventional design of the axe head, the metal has to be precision cast and homogeneously tempered to a perfect hardness. The folks at VIPUKIRVES are so proud of its production quality that they offer a 10-year manufacturing defect warranty on the axe head. Leveraxe-02 So next time you venture out to the cottage, get rid of your grandfather’s rusty old axe and bring along the safer, scientifically-proven, and just plain nicer alternative: the Leveraxe.

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