The Level: Stand Up and Surf At Your Desk

The Level designed by FluidStance aims to increase your range of standing for long hours and is more akin to walking. The subtle and constant movements on the Level happen in 3 dimensions and once on it, you are inclined to go on the move thus relaxing your muscles every now and then. The-level-01 A simple design and using well-made hardware, The Level is a wooden deck with a sculpted metal base on the underside. Equipped with small rubber feet to prevent the user from flying off while moving, the whole set-up of the hover-board has a fine fit and finish. The-level-02 This elegant piece of hardware has with changeable top decks, floating bumpers, and base plates. It is created using eco friendly Green Sand Process, bamboo, and aluminum. The platform has green guard certified finish with dimensions of L 26.5 in, W 12.2 in, H 2.5 in and weighing about 10 lbs. The-level-03 Designed to combat the disadvantages of sitting and working all day without any movement, the company claims that standing on this minimalist board can result a 15% increase in heart rate versus sitting at a desk. This means an extra 12.2 beats per minute on average. The-level-04 This board goes hand in hand with the stand desk movement. Though getting used to moving around on the hover board may take time and patience. With a little practice, you can enjoy standing up and surfing while getting your work done at your home or at the office. The-level-05 Video:

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