Let A LEGO Minifig To Hold All Of Your Cords

Do you have one of those LEGO Minifigs lying around? People have discovered that LEGO minifigures hands are also a perfect holder for your Apple cable and other types of cables. Who knew that these little toys are not just the perfect cord holders for you but also add a little splash of fun to your desk. Let-A-LEGO-Minifig-To-Hold-All-Of-Your-Cords-02 The LEGO bricks could also be modified as a keychain. Attaching them to your house keys or car remote, and they could join your cable management worker minifigure on a LEGO plate. This is a great life hack for people who tend to lose their keys around the house, office, the outside world more times than they’d probably like to admit to themselves. Let-A-LEGO-Minifig-To-Hold-All-Of-Your-Cords-03 Although some cables might permanently expand your minifigures hands, it will still hold your cables and are hence quite malleable. However like with other life hacks, it’s probably best to only try such a venture if you know what you are doing as making a mistake could cost you your favourite minifig. That means you probably won’t want to use it on a super rare minifig. Nevertheless, these are still fun toys to have around your desk and help you manage your cables, decorative and functional at the same time. Let-A-LEGO-Minifig-To-Hold-All-Of-Your-Cords-04 So go ahead and consider getting one of these for yourself, your friends, and your family ! A product that is fun, decorative and functional, it’s definitely worth a second thought (and maybe a third ?)

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