Less Mess Happy Mat: The Place Mat Plate

Mealtimes with kids can be messy – food on the table, food on their clothes, food everywhere else but where it’s supposed to be. The Less Mess Happy Mat by ezpz is designed with kids (especially toddlers) and their eating habits in mind, combining a place mat and plate in a simple and fun design, with functionality to spare. less-mess-happy-mat-place-mat-plate-01 The Mat’s design combines two essential dining functions into one: a plate, shaped in a fun smiling face that doubles as separators for food; and a place mat, adjoined to the plate to catch the food that doesn’t make it to its destination. less-mess-happy-mat-place-mat-plate-06 When it comes to safety, the Less Mess Happy Mat keeps your child and their growth in mind. Made only from FDA-approved silicone, it prevents the growth of any fungi and bacteria. Nor does it use BPA, PVC, or lead, making it outstandingly safe for children to handle. less-mess-happy-mat-place-mat-plate-03 Of course, it wouldn’t be a Happy Mat if it did not also come available in vibrant colours like blue, green, and pink. To add to its convenience and usability, the mat also sticks to any table surface it is laid on, so no longer do you have to worry about upturned bowls of food. Even better, the place mat plate is marker-friendly for the young eating artists-in-training. less-mess-happy-mat-place-mat-plate-07 The Mat is also microwave-safe, dishwasher safe, durable, washable, easy to use, and easy to store. The Less Mess Happy Mat – letting kids combine mealtime with playtime, without the extra cleanup for parents. less-mess-happy-mat-place-mat-plate-04 Video:

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