LEON – The Simplified Shelf

From the Japanese designers of EAU comes LEON Рthe simplified shelf system for placing all your on-the-go essentials. Embracing the endless stylistic possibilities of wooden furniture, LEON shelves make convenient accents to any room in your home. leon-the-simplified-shelf-02 Made from natural birch wood, LEON is available in two contrasting wood tones. The first is Natural Birch, which is a lighter wood hue, and its sister colour, Walnut Birch, which has a darker wood finish. Minimalist in its design, the shelf is comprised of two parts: the shelf and the stand. The stand is a rectangular frame-like structure, which leans diagonally against the two-level shelf. All you need to do to set up LEON is lean the stand against the area where you plan to attach the shelf, and use a few screws and bolts to hold the shelf in place against the wall. leon-the-simplified-shelf-03 Whether you place it by your door or decide to use it as a night-stand, the LEON simplified shelf satisfies basic needs and enhances simple living. LEON makes it easy to keep things within reach, while also adding a simple decorative touch to your living space. leon-the-simplified-shelf-04

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