Lief: Smart Patch That Fights Stress

From getting an education to changing jobs to juggling family responsibilities to dealing with health-related issues, life doesn’t give anyone an easy, linear journey. Continuous research conducted by reputable health organizations show that people of all ages are currently more stressed than ever before. It’s true: we all get stressed– some people more than others, but we all experience our own spectrum of mild to severe stress levels at some points in our lives. “All those years of stress really had a positive impact on my body and on my health!” – said no one ever Without a doubt, you’ll still be dealing with these situations; however, having the necessary tools that could help you deal with it all and minimize the negative impact on your health is what’s vital. lief-stress-11 San Francisco-based Lief Therapeutics goal is to help every single person on this planet deal with stress. The Lief is a smart patch that “keeps track and improves your resiliency to stress by increasing your natural heart rate variability (HRV), creating a healthy variation in your heart rate”. So, how does Lief work? lief-stress-1 lief-stress-2 lief-stress-3 Some of Lief’s coolest features include
  • its user-friendliness
  • its shape & comfort (6mm thin patch)
  • its ability to measure what matters most to you (HRV, breathing, heart rate, mood, movement, downtime, etc.)
lief-stress-4 What’s most unique about Lief is its instantaneous effectiveness. You don’t need an extra screen, such as a smartphone or an iPad to understand what’s happening with your body. Truth is: you know you’re in a stressful situation. That means you have no time to worry about another thing– data on an app that tells you that you’re stressing. A constant cycle. A self-fulfilling prophecy. No, thank you. That being said, there is a support app that acts like an addition to Lief. Use the app to record your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and sensations while discovering thinking patterns that are negatively affecting your body. The app is a great way to see your progress. It also includes a self-regulation toolkit, audio exercises, and a mood rating. lief-stress-6 Think of it this way: you go to the gym, to physiotherapy, or to a chiropractor to help your physical body. Why not train your “mental muscles” to stay focused and stay in control throughout the day too? There’s no escaping stress, but Lief does allow you to take action. Obtain the self-care you deserve to enjoy this life. Besides, you only have one.

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