Leeo Alarm Monitoring

The Smart Alert Nightlight by Leeo, a simple plug-in alarm, monitors your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; if something isn’t quite right it’ll notify you via your smart phone. Pretty cool, right? That isn’t even the best part- there is zero setup and absolutely no monthly fees!

The Leeo alarm monitoring system will monitor the temperature and humidity in any room in your home, and will send alerts to your smartphone. The app will also send you notifications and will even call you when smoke or carbon monoxide alarms sound. If an alarm does happen to sound in your home and the Smart Alert Nightlight can’t get a hold of you, it’ll alert your friends using the backup contact list that you create.

The Smart Alert is also a nightlight, whose hue can be changed to any color you desire, just by using the app. The app can also be used to check in on your home and modify your alarm preferences.

With no expensive set-up charges or additional wiring required, no monthly fees, an easy self installation (just plug it into an outlet), and its user friendly app, the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is perfect for any home owner who wants to protect their home and their loved ones in it!

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