LeafXPro: The Bicycle Umbrella

If you’re anything like me, needing to scratch your nose while on a bicycle, let alone having to hand signal is straight up terrifying.  Now imagine the lengths that frequent cyclists go to when it’s raining: precariously holding umbrellas to stave off the water, desperately tugging at their hoods to keep as dry as possible, oh-so-fashionably wearing goggles to protect their eyes.  Fortunately, a team of U.K.-based engineers and designers have created the LeafXPro, a bicycle umbrella, so cyclists can dispense of their highly impractical and considerably dangerous methods of combating rain. leafxpro_4 A hands-free design, the LeafXPro attaches to your bike to provide multiple levels of protection.  The product comes in various packages, the Classic kit being the simplest one that protects cyclists at the front and back. leafxpro_3 The main Leaf acts as a shield from oncoming rain, while an additional back portion protects you from pesky back-splash, especially after you whiz through a giant puddle.  The entire kit is aerodynamically designed to resist winds as powerful as 80 km/h. leafxpro_1 Other kits build on the basic Classic design, and include additions such as overhead coverage (Advanced kit), child carrier protection (Family kit), or side paneling (Storm kit). leafxpro_9 The product is made with adjustable parts to work with any bicycle, and is extendable to match the cyclist’s height.  Made for the on-the-go cyclist, the LeafXPro can be assembled and disassembled in under a minute, and comes with a compact carrying case for easy portability.  Plus, the entire kit weighs in at under a kilogram regardless of which package you choose. For additional personalization, the LeafXPro comes in a variety of colours, including black, red, blue, green, yellow, and white, with an option to add a design of your choice on the side. leafxpro_10 (738x483) However, after falling short of their Kickstarter goal, one can only hope that the LeafXPro team get the support they need to make the Leaf readily available.  A bicycle umbrella is unquestionably a brilliant concept, and a must-have for cyclists everywhere!

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