LeGrow: Indoor Smart Garden

Springtime is a season of change, and it is especially around this time that I long for a luxurious outdoor garden to practice my curious gardening skills. However, if you are like me and are not blessed with this luxury and you live in a city apartment with limited space for gardening, then the LeGrow smart indoor garden may be the smart choice after all. This garden features a unique modular design, enabling you to stack and expand with various pods to suit your lifestyle. This garden works best for indoor apartments or to add some greenery to your office space. Indoor plants have been proven to aid in my physical and psychological health benefits. These benefits include reduction of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue. This ensures overall well-being and increased productivity. The LeGrow smart garden is a complete indoor garden where each planter pot acts as a building block, so you can stack your garden or expand to create limitless creations. This garden ecosystem includes advanced planter pots, LED grow lamps, humidifiers and a special power pot with four USB charging ports. The modular shape of the plant pots allow for easy movement and convenience. The pots are also designed to be low maintenance, with multiple drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. There is an integrated internal water reservoir that not only capture excess water, but it also waters less frequently. The two-bulb LED grow lamp provides the essential light needed for a variety of plants. It can be set in six-hour increments, which is perfect for those dark winter months. The provided humidifier also delivers moisture to the plants with a scope of 360 degrees. This unique garden is a cleaner alternative to other indoor gardens that may get messy. The benefits provided by LeGrow help you to focus on the plants you want to grow and it gives you a chance to express your creativity and to expand your garden based on your own needs. Not to mention the smart features of the internal watering and the option to charge electronic devices using the smart pot. This quick charge is perfect at the office or at home and most likely situate near a workstation. The setup of the LeGrow garden is up to you. Use it for your home or office. Include the humidifier for extra moisture, or include the LED light for extra nutrition. Experience the deep connection with nature from wherever you are situated and feel the calmness and tranquility. For more information about LeGrow, click here.

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