Le Cube: Build Your Sofa Cube By Cube

Le Cube is a modular sofa designed by Rob Van Puijenbroek. Constructed mainly from small cubes, this piece is totally a playful, cheerful, comfortable and stylish design product. Cube-Sofa-01 You can play around with the height and depth of the sofa, even change the style by giving it more relaxed or active look. All just by adjusting the cubes. The project leader of Le Cube award winning design, explains this product can be altered and adjusted in height and design by simply adding, lifting off or removing the cubes. Cube-Sofa-02 Each cube is interesting and can be tailor made. Individual cube can be designed and ordered with its own upholstery and comes with its own hard top cover. The hard top cover can be used as a table surface. With few adjustments and changes, you can redesign your sofa by giving the piece a complete whole new and different look each day. Cube-Sofa-03 The first edition of the design was exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2010 while the final product developed and finished in 2011. The easy and simple structure allows you to change the seat height and depth. You can even adjust the seating for individual or collective use. Le Cube is created purely with high quality, style, flexible and individual concept design in mind. Cube-Sofa-04

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