Lava Drop: A Hanging Lava Lamp

With its carefully planned shape and blend of colour, the Lava Drop, a hanging lava lamp, is indeed an exquisite product of originality, a great fit for a tastefully decorated and modernistic home.  The fixture hangs like coloured drops from the ceiling frozen in time, creating a mystical sensation of being inside a dormant volcano, only without the danger of a surprise eruption. lava_drop_03 The lamp was created by Tsunami Glassworks in collaboration with Alvaro Tribe Design. Tsunami Glassworks, a Canadian company hosted in Windsor, Ontario, was first struck with the idea when presented with the image of lava drops floating. What makes this company so unique is its use of scale through multiples blended with its quality, form and colour of products. Glassworks strives to create fresh, modern items that lend themselves to any and every modern space, fitting in a way that adds a mystical and ethereal elegance lava_drop_02 As described by Tsunami Glassworks, the lights emanating from the lamp give off a feeling of watching “lava drops floating on liquid”.  Since the lamps are made of mirrored glass, each drop works as a source of light as well as a reflector by amplifying the range of the lamp. The light will also constantly shine, night and day, as it uses natural light to reflect off its body and colour. lava_drop_04 The age old fad to buy a lava lamp for your nightstand may be a thing of yesterday, but a hanging lava lamp is a thing of tomorrow, the day after, the day after that, and so on! The beauty of this item alone is enough to stimulate scintillating conversation; the lights themselves are certain to set a unique mood for your dinner party, social gathering, and more. The Lava Drop is definitely a wonderful product worth exploring for those who like to spice up their home with a little pop of unique decor! lava_drop_05

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