The Land Peel: Flat, Space-Saving Furniture

For the ultimate space-saving furniture, look no further than the Land Peel. The Land Peel is a flat mat with sections that lift to form furniture. If you don’t mind sitting on the floor, this is the perfect solution to maximize limited living space. Designed by Shin Yamashita, a student from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Land Peel is an innovative design idea with lots of potential.   Land Peel-04 The Land Peel is a flat grey mat for your living room floor that hides a small table, a desk, and some seats/lounge chairs. Reveal all, or one at a time as needed. Simply lift a designated section of the mat and fold it into place. When lifted and locked into position, the colourful hinges of the furniture pieces are revealed. The Land Peel has a very minimalist and modern, yet playful, design.   Land Peel-05 Once you’re finished watching TV, doing your homework, or eating a meal, every piece folds down flat. The furniture pieces are essentially hidden in the floor and offer an open area when put away. Hiding furniture in the floor is a great space-saving idea, and a truly innovative design concept.

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