LAMPI: Reversible Mirror and Tray

Nowadays, it can be extremely difficult to find and shop for furniture that is not only simple, trendy, and unique, but also multifunctional. As we witness smaller homes yet sky-rocketing prices, there has never been a more essential need for furniture, accessories, and décor pieces that have more than one purpose.

Nevertheless, LAMPI does it all. Created by Helsinki-based designer, Elina Ulvio, LAMPI is a collection of reversible mirrors and trays. LAMPI– Finnish word for “pond”– is inspired by reflections on the surface of water, bringing love for nature and serenity straight into your home.

Made from glass and plywood, this piece truly adds a nice modern, yet elegant touch to any space.

Hang it on any of your walls as a mirror or place it on a table, flip the frame, and you’ve got yourself a tray with a handle. On one side of the frame, there’s the mirror for natural reflections, while the other side is black and sets a more dramatic mood. You could even play around with both options. For instance, place an interesting, funky little object on the mirror, so it’s reflected and creates an interesting look and a unique vibe.

Place LAMPI either vertically or horizontally, having the mirror or tray face the world, and switch it up according to what you’re feeling that day. This clever design allows for you and your guests (family, friends, anyone) to enjoy this calming piece, which ultimately brings together your entire home.

This collection of reversible mirrors and trays is a beautiful must-have to any space in one’s home– living room, bedroom, bathroom, you name it. Whether your home’s interior design is modern, follows a coastal design, or a contemporary one, it’ll fit right in.

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