The Kulle Daybed: Making Relaxation Modern

German designer Stefanie Schissler has created a daybed, Kulle, which quickly lures you to take a nap. It’s effortless look and lumpy cloud-like cushion creates a curiosity that is only satisfied once you lay on it. the-kulle-daybed-making-relaxation-02 Its cushion is made out of foam and each bubble is deliberately designed in different size. The bubble pieces are intended for one’s comfort and snuggling desires. Schissler explains that each foam bubble feels different and it creates a massaging experience. the-kulle-daybed-making-relaxation-04 While the furniture is not intended for sitting, it is made to rest during the day, for the time when you are exhausted and the body needs a little nap. The bubbles allow you to easily find a soothing position for your head, so you will be comfortable while napping or reading a book. The design and texture of the daybed is soothing and comforting. With the many sizes, you, your friends or family will be able to find a relaxing arrangement. the-kulle-daybed-making-relaxation-05 Schissler wanted to create a daybed that invited you with its looks and entrapped you with its comfort. The Kulle daybed does just that by generating feelings of relaxation and exploration with its simple yet clever and elegant design.

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