KUDU: Safari Braai Grill

On one hand, there’s nothing quite like the flavour of a lightly charred meal fresh off of the grill. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite as horrible as the taste of burnt, overdone food. With a standard barbecue, perfecting the art of grilling can be a real challenge. The centre is typically significantly hotter than the edges of the grill, and there’s little you can do if the heat source is too close to your food. The KUDU Safari Braai, however, is a unique, multi-functional tiered grill that eliminates all difficulties of barbecuing. kudu_04 Inspired by his time in South Africa, Stebin Horne admired the ways in which the people were brought together and encouraged to enjoy their time cooking by the fireside. Wanting to recreate the same uniting activity here, in North America, Horne developed KUDU. With the possibility of adding tiered attachments, KUDU gives you the freedom of more or less picking any way to cook your food. This way, you maintain the wonderful authenticity and spirit of open-fire grilling while having precise control over how you cook.  From cast iron skillets for searing to pot attachments for boiling, KUDU offers a range of cooking methods. Other cooking methods supported by KUDU include steaming, smoking, roasting, and more. kudu_03 What’s more, this means that you can cook multiple different foods simultaneously and separately, removing the issue of raw food accidentally touching what it shouldn’t touch. Plus, while patience is a virtue, not having to wait for one food to be finished cooking before adding another surely isn’t something to complain about. When all is said and done, KUDU even has the ability to transform into a simple fire pit. After simply removing the attached levels, you’re free to add in a few crackling logs for a safe yet cozy experience. kudu_02 Bring back the joys of simple, adjustable no-fuss grilling and cooking, KUDU does it all.

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